Raj Chinese Van Serves Largest Paneer Spring Rolls in Delhi

Raj Chinese Van Serves Largest Paneer Spring Rolls in Delhi

You cannot take out street Chinese food from an Indian’s heart. We all love Chinese. From spicy Schezwan noodles to Manchurian and from Spring Rolls to Chilli Paneer. Grabbing piping hot Chinese food on the streets under a cool breeze is one of the best experiences. And, when we talk about Chinese food, Raj Chinese Van needs a special mention. It serves the largest paneer spring Rolls in Delhi

Raj Chinese Van

Raj Chinese Van - Rohini
Raj Chinese Van – Rohini

This is a little food truck on the lanes of Rohini street near M2k. Rohini street food is famous all over the country and beyond. People from different areas come here to binge on their favorite street food. India Eat Mania went to Raj Chinese food and tasted their delicious Paneer Spring Rolls. 

What is so special about this spring rolls?

Raj Chinese Van - Paneer Spring Rolls in Delhi
Raj Chinese Van – Paneer Spring Rolls in Delhi

Rolls prepared with fresh veggies and spicy sauces make it delicious. Fine crispy crust of rolls and piping hot cooked vegetables inside is the best combination. Must mention, the paneer inside the rolls is always fresh and cooked well. Flavorsome Paneer Spring rolls accompanied by crispy chow mien, fried veggies, mayonnaise, ketchup, and spicy red chutney will make you go there again and again. 


This Paneer Spring Rolls has the very same consistent taste for around 8 years. Along with these crispy munchies, they also have different Chinese varieties on their menu like french fries, chili potato, burger, etc.

Have we mentioned the price of this Largest Paneer Spring Rolls in Delhi at Raj Chinese Van? It will cost you only Rs 150/- (Not Kidding!)

Already drooling on this description? Why don’t you plan a visit tonight? Make sure you head there with an empty stomach, Rohini street food will make you want more & more.


Place – Raj Chinese Van

Address – M2K Cinemas, 16, Maharaja Agrasen Marg, Mangalam Place, Sector 3, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Cost – 300 for two

Phone number +91 9599367827

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