7 Reasons Why Ghatkopar Khau Galli Is Favorite Go-To place for Every Vegetarian

7 Reasons Why Ghatkopar Khau Galli Is Favorite Go-To place for Every Vegetarian

Every vegetarian in Mumbai loves this Khau Galli which is popularly known as “Ghatkopar Khau Galli” Well, there are plenty of reasons why it so popular among vegetarians. There are 7 main reasons for which it is a quick go-to place for all the Mumbaikars. Not only vegetarians but also nonvegetarians love visiting here for these undeniable decadent 7 food items.

Let me give you some of the reasons to not cancel the plan of visiting Ghatkopar Khau Galli. 

45 Variants Of Dosa

45 Variants Of Dosa - Khau Galli
45 Variants Of Dosa – India Eat Mania

Though you are a South Indian cuisine lover or not, these dosas are going to be your favorites for sure. 45 different styles of Dosas are mouth-watering and I assure you will end up licking your fingers in public. A quirky little outlet is popularly known as ‘Sai Swad Dosa’ has several Swad in its Dosas. Dosas served here is luscious enough and made using oodles of Butter with lots of veggies. Don’t get shocked if your Bill is very less than your expectations. These dosas cost only around 180 Rs. You cannot miss a chance to taste this flavorsome cheesy, buttery Dosa. Which one Dosa, out of these 45 Variants, is your favorite?

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Khau Galli
Grilled Cheese Sandwich – India Eat Mania

A Sandwich full of Cheese and lots of veggies is enough to lift our spirit. The days when we are stuck with a question like ‘What to order?’ We end up ordering grilled spicy Sandwich. Yummiest grilled sandwich is served in Ghatkopar Khau Galli filled with the goodness of cheese and vegetables. This is everything you can hope for when you are hungry. This amazing tower of grilled slices of bread with veggies and chutney is served at just around 120 Rupees. Enjoy this grilled cheese sandwich without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Cheesy Pink Pasta

Cheesy Pink Pasta, Khau Galli
Cheesy Pink Pasta – India Eat Mania

A huge Italian cuisine lover is always in a dilemma to choose between White sauce and Red Sauce Pasta. It is a very tough decision to come to a conclusion about which pasta to eat today. A very tiny stall which is a Branch of WTC (World Trade Centre) pasta corner called Manoj Pasta solves our confusion. It serves the pink sauce pasta which is a combination of both white and red sauce. A yummy cheesy pink pasta has the goodness of white sauce as well as tanginess of red sauce at just 150 Rs. Hey you! Italian cuisine lover Mumbaikar, have you tried this Pink sauce pasta? Trust me, once you will try Pink Pasta, you will end up eating one more plate every time. Still, when there will be the last pasta left on your plate, you will say ‘One more plate, please’ instead of ‘Aakhri Pasta’

Ice Cold Pani Puri

Ice Cold Pani Puri, Khau Gali
Ice Cold Pani Puri – India Eat Mania

Pani puri is the word which salivates your taste glands. There might be infinite Khau Gallis all over the nation, but you wouldn’t be able to find a Galli which doesn’t serve Pani Puri. It should be named as ‘The national food of India’ A stall named Jai Durga center in Ghatkopar khau Galli serves yummiest Pani puri with two variants of water. This Khatta and Meeta ice cold water make the experience of eating Pani Puri more wonderful. It serves the plate at just 30 Rs. 



Dabeli, Khau Galli
Dabeli, Khau Gali

Have you ever tried Dabeli? If not, let me share with you what Dabeli is. It is a Pav stuffed with spicy potato mixture with onions, chutney & masala peanuts. Dabeli is one of the best street foods one can ever taste. This Dabeli is served at just 20 Rs and it is enough to satisfy your street food keeda. This mouth-watering street food is a perfect appetizer. If you haven’t tried it yet, head towards Ghatkoper Khau Galli and have one.

Roller Coaster Ice cream

Roller Coaster Ice Cream, khau Galli
Roller Coaster Ice Cream – India Eat Mania

Mumbaikars are getting more concerned about their calories. Ghatkopar Khau Galli has the best option from Calorie counters. This natural ice cream which is made out of fresh fruits and milk is best suited for your sweet tooth. An ice cream freshly made in front of you using their shredder kind of roller machine. This name ‘Roller coaster’ is inspired by this Roller machine. This freshly prepared natural ice cream costing just 70 Rs is a perfect dessert after a course of meal on a street. Order this ice cream and enjoy natural flavors of fruits in every bite of it.

Kiwi Blossom Milkshake

Kiwi Blossom Milkshake, Khau Galli
Kiwi Blossom Milkshake

Milkshake prepared with a little fruit punch is always the best idea. Juicy Kiwis are used to prepare wonderful Milkshake. The decoration and presentation of milkshake are also done with pieces of Kiwi. This yummiest fruit added to milk and prepared fresh, creamy and delicious Milkshake is everything one can wish for. This milkshake filled with richness and goodness of fruit is available at just 120 Rs.

What are your reasons to visit Ghatkopar Khau Galli, write to us in the comment section below? If you haven’t been to this Khau Galli yet, find your reason and enjoy any of these lip-smacking food items. Calorie counters, don’t miss a chance to visit here on your Cheat days and enjoy gaining some calories.

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