British Jhal Muri wala won hearts of Indian Cricket Fans outside Oval Stadium in London

British Jhal Muri wala

Food and Cricket is the most favorite combination of all Indians. Wherever we stay, we never miss a chance of having lip-smacking Indian snacks along with enjoying cricket in the stadium. This Sunday we had a match of India vs Australia at Oval stadium in London, the whole stadium was full of blue jersey to support Team India. While one side Virat Kohli’s Team took the heart of every Indian by winning against Aussies by 36 runs, the other side at the very same moment, British vendor named Angus Denoon left everyone speechless and happy with mouth melting Indian street snack popularly known as Jhal Muri.

British Jhal Muri Wala
Picture Credit: Indiatimes

This zesty food ‘Jhal Muri’ which is very famous in north India as ‘Bhelpuri’ left everyone with shock and tremendous pleasure. It was quite unbelievable and rare of the rarest experience to get Indian food item in foreign and that too on the streets of London. Without a doubt, Jhal Muri is a favorite dish of every Indian and it is easily found at any stalls or streets in India. This dish is composed of puffed rice, spices, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and chutneys which adds lots of flavor to it. Fans were delighted with nostalgic feelings when they found their childhood dish outside the Oval stadium.

Jhal muri
Picture Credit: Ribbons to Pastas

This is not the first time that Angus cheered every Indian in the UK with his talent of making delicious Indian snacks, he has already made his mark with his popular videos such as “The Jhal Muri Wallah of London” and  ‘Everybody Love, Love Jhal Muri Express’. Along with this, he has already participated in several food festivals across Britain. There are several other street food items in his menu accompanying delicious Jhal Muri.


How did he learn about Jhal Muri?

Angus Denoon said that when he was in Kolkata, India, he learned this art of making Jhal muri with many other street food snacks. Masters in India not only taught him to make these dishes but also lead him to a source of earning. Angus sells these classic dishes wrapping it in Indian style – Indian thonga or a wrap made out of newspaper at just £ 3.50 which is nearly around 310 Indian rupees.

By selling Indian street-food in the very non-Indian environment, Denoon created a buzz in India as well as in London. He is a new sensation and trending topic on social media platforms. We can see the joy in tweets of Indians no matter staying in India or out of India. Indian celebrities and influencers including locals were full of pride seeing Angus selling Indian street-food. Check the funny tweet coming from a twitter user, Is it for Denon or Jhal Muri?


It wasn’t just jhalmuri though, garam garam ‘moomfali’ also made its appearance at the stadium.

No wonder it was a big moment for every Indian for being part of Team India victory at Oval Stadium as well as experiencing this craziest surprise by Denoon. This would have unfailingly lead them to several childhood nostalgic memories. Indisputably, Angus Denoon deserves all hearts and love. I’m very sure our Indian friends and fans would have filled Denoon’s bag with lots of bucks as a return gift to this rarest experience.

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