Win Rs 34,000 if you Finish This 34 Inch Large Monster Pizza in 1 HOUR

They say, ”Pizza makes everything possible” and it is true, isn’t it? Even though you are hungry or not, a slice of pizza always tempts you to grab it. If there was a single food item allowed even on your cheat days, without a doubt, it would be cheesy Pizza. A slice fully loaded with the goodness of veggies and cheese is the only food we can have any time. 

What if we say now it is possible to try very very large pizza popularly known as ‘The Monster pizza’ with a size of around 34 inches large in Delhi? You will doubt us, right? Well, It is unbelievable but true. There is a place in Capital which has come up with this unique concept. The American Connection Diner is the only place in Delhi which serves delicious 34-inch pizza full of veggies and non-vegetarian luscious toppings and lots of cheese. 

How is this Monster Pizza made:

Largest 34 inch pizza at American Connection Diner, Kalkaji
Largest 34-inch pizza at American Connection Diner, Kalkaji

If you are unaware of this, let us share with you that this place has already grabbed a lot of attractions from localities. People from all over the capital are crazy to try this special monster pizza. After all, this unique concept of an extremely large pizza is introduced by the American Connection Diner in Delhi. This place has its own unique way to make this love.

This pizza has a great soft base specially curated with lots of efforts and care. Chefs at the American Connection Diner make the dough of base soft and smooth. It is then evenly spread on the iron tray so that whole 34 inch has the same soft base. This tray is then put into the oven to semi cook.


After a while, this semi-cooked base gets all its ingredients on it. Spicy and flavoursome pizza sauce is evenly spread on the base and lots of cheese is spread on the top to make it chhheeseeeeyy. As a next step, toppings are garnished on pizza – now here comes the main point. Generally, this pizza is divided into 4 different sections. 2 non-veg and 2 vegetarian sections but it can be customized.

No need to worry if you are in the mood to go for only non-vegetarian option or only vegetarian option. You can customize this Pizza according to yourself. Great, right?

Along with Pizza, you can also try Burgers, Peri-Peri Fries, Monster Burger, Virgin Mojito, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Monster Pizza, Pasta and much more from the menu of The American Connection Diner.

Special Challenge to win RS 34,000/- AT The American Connection Diner

34 inch pizza in Delhi only at American Connection Diner
Spicy and flavoursome pizza sauce is evenly spread on the base and lots of cheese is spread on the top to make it chhheeseeeeyy. As a next step, toppings are garnished on pizza.

They have a very unique way to impress foodies. They have claimed to pay 34,000/- Rs cash price to the one who will finish this 34-inch large pizza in 60 minutes. Yes, foodies, if you think you have a great gigantic appetite, you must go and try this challenge. You might end up winning the cash price. 


This pizza is served at around 3400 Rs and it can easily feed 7 to 8 people all along. This might turn as the best option if you are planning to hang out with family or give a treat to your friends. A very tasty option in cost-effective prices. It is tough to find a better place than this to give a treat to the whole group of 8 to 10 people without burning a hole in your pocket.

India Eat Mania had a chance to try this pizza and it yummilicious. We recommend you to try this with your whole gang as it is worth its price. When are you planning to visit The American Connection Diner? Do not forget to share your experience in our comments section below.

You can have a look at our experience in our Youtube video:

Place Name:

The American Connection Diner

Opening hours:

12 noon – 11 pm

Place Address:

F1, 2nd Floor, Kalkaji Main Market, Kalkaji, New Delhi

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